Top 5 Software Testing Challenges

99% is the highest level of accuracy that can be attained in a software product. Given the growing number of mobile devices and apps in the market, attaining your app quality goal can become quite challenging. These are some of the top 5 challenges faced in software testing:

Software Testing challenges

Software Testing challenges


1) Complete testing is impossible

For any application, there are many different test combinations and resulting scenarios. Trying to test all of them is an unrealistic goal. Having a clear focus on your target users and business goals will help you in prioritizing the app features that need your attention.


2) Setting the right process

The company process for testing should be aligned in such way that the process is efficient in capturing the bugs in time. The process should be clearly defined to avoid misunderstandings. Setting up a uniform process to get every one on the same page becomes harder for teams that are located in different offices in different time zones.


3) Lack of proper communication

Right from the start of the project, it is important to make the business requirement and testing goals clear. Any change in app features or requirement must be updated to the QA team in time. This further helps in fixing defects that are detected. A good communication channel between various teams like development & QA will help sync the testing efforts with the quality goals set by the business.


4) Lack of resources

Skilled testers with good knowledge of the business domain can help you create more effective test scenarios and scripts. Apart from getting domain specific testing experts on board, you also need to equip them with the right testing tools. The right tools can make it easier for QA teams to execute the project and also delivering results faster.


5) Test coverage

In today’s competitive world, enterprises need an effective testing strategy to ensure that their app works well, every where all the time. Covering different geographies and configurations for testing applications is challenging for teams that rely solely on a traditional QA approach. Lab-based testing with limited resources can never recreate a real world environment. Getting an accurate insight in these cases thus becomes more difficult. Though a 100% coverage might not be possible, you can maximize your QA efforts by relying on crowd sourced testing platforms.


Other challenges faced in software testing include test automation, regression testing & app complexity.

While a 100% bug-free software product may be impossible, planning ahead for these critical software testing challenges can help you succeed in your QA efforts to make your application better than yesterday.

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How crowd testing works

Crowd testing is a form of testing that relies on crowd platform to manage testers and testing projects. This method enables testing to be carried out by multiple testers from different locations. Thus it is more fast, accurate and cost-effective than traditional lab-based testing approaches.


How crowd testing works

How crowd testing works

Scenarios in which crowd testing is useful


Crowd testing is apt for user-centric apps that is used by a diverse crowd. It is particularly useful in scenarios where you want to test the application on multiple devices, with many testers from different locations.

As it is more fast and cost effective, it is a boon for clients who want to meet their release deadlines faster & also for those who do not have the QA resources to execute testing. It is also helpful in case of testing apps that are in the early stages of development. The fresh insights given by crowd testers can development team identify and fix defects in time before releasing the app to the public.


The Crowd testing community


The strength of a crowd testing platform lies in its diverse testing community. A crowd sourced testing community consists of many testers from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds, domain knowledge and expertise. This provides clients the opportunity to test their application in diverse test environments that are realistic.


Apart from allowing you to see how your app works in real life conditions, crowd testing platforms enable you to scale your QA efforts as per needs. All this without the hassles of hiring full time QA specialists and without any major investment in devices and tools.


Crowd sourced testing companies thus connect the clients who have specific testing needs with testers who match their requirement. It’s a win-win situation for both the clients and the testers.


The way crowd testing works


1) Requirement Analysis


Every app is unique. The testing requirement for an app depends on the business goals of the company. The first step in crowd testing is to analyze the requirements of the client and the testing project. A testing plan in line with the product’s quality goals is prepared. This testing plan serves as the basis for fixing the price, assigning the crowd testers and finalizing other aspects like number of test cycles etc.


Usually a dedicated project manager will be assigned by the crowd testing company for creating and managing the test strategy. By understanding the app, its environment and its quality goals, the plan and deliverables are set by the project manager.



2) Project Launch


Once the project is initiated, crowd testers who match the requirement in terms of demographics and domain knowledge are assigned for testing. The test environment covering the configurations mentioned is set up.


3) Project Execution


Crowd testers execute the project by testing the app on different devices from different locations. The crowd sourced testing experts will help uncover all the issues in your app.


4) Monitoring & Evaluation


Clients can monitor the bug logging and testing coverage. The bugs logged by the crowd testers is evaluated either by crowd validators or designated experts from the crowd testing company.


5) Project Completion


All the bug reports, test summary and recommendations are shared with the client once the test cycles are executed. Many platforms have added bug tracking features that makes it easy for development teams to not only find the bugs but also to fix them. The crowd testers assigned to the project are also rated as per the quality of bugs they log. This ensures that the top testers who log the most difficult bugs are paid the most, creating a reward based system that encourages testers to perform well.



Crowd testing thus lets you test your app on real devices by real users, giving you accurate insights on how well your app works. It can add value in addition to traditional testing methods to give you greater coverage and a fresh insight on your app quality.


How Crowd testing at 99tests works?


99tests will help you bring order to your crowd sourced testing efforts. Getting started is easy and hassle free. You can follow the steps below to get acquainted with the 99tests crowd testing platform:


1) Register & create test cases:

  • To get started, register as client and create test cycles as per your requirement.
  • Not sure how? You will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will help plan, prioritize and execute your test cycles. We will take care of everything from allotting the crowd testers to the project to handling the integration of our tools with your work flow.


2) Pay for performance that matters:

  • Execute test cycles as per your App quality goal & requirement.
  • Choose App testing strategy suited to your product’s stage of development.
  • Gain from intelligent machine learned algorithms & data driven recommendations.
  • Control the number of test cycles & test coverage for testing.


3) Build a world class QA team in a click:

  • Assemble your team of global testers from over 150 countries.
  • Target your testing to match your requirement, location wise and domain expertise wise.
  • Crowd testers allotted to the project will execute your test cycles & find critical bugs in time.
  • These high quality, valid bugs filtered by our algorithm and validation team will be sent to you in the bug reports.
  • You can even assign your team members to fix the bugs found.


4) Gain insights to make Apps awesome:

  • Verify bugs fixed.
  • Gain useful feedback from testing experts for improving your app.
  • Benchmark your app against industry standards
  • Get expert support in analyzing test data and gaining actionable inputs to beat the competition.

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99tests Launches Free App Grader Tool For Websites

“How good is my website?” is one question that every website owner has in his mind. The app grader tool launched by 99tests can now help website owners find their web quality score for free.


To use the free quality grader tool, all you have to do is to visit the 99tests home page and enter your website’s URL in the field for grader. On entering the URL, the platform will give you a compressive web quality report. You get an overview of your website’s quality score in terms of key parameters like functionality, usability, performance, and security.

With expertise in crowd sourced testing, 99test is a software testing platform that targets companies and individuals who want to test their software products. As part of their focus to drive & encourage people’s passion for building great apps, the new app grader feature was launched. The company has helped over 200+ clients to test their web and mobile apps in the real world.

Key quality metrics covered by App Grader


Functionality indicates how well your website works for your end users. Higher scores on functionality indicates a website that works well, everywhere, all the time.


Usability score is an indicator of the quality of the user experience you deliver. Good usability implies that your website is available, clear, credible, and relevant to the audience who uses it.


Website performance indicates the speed with which web pages are downloaded and displayed. Websites that score high on performance have faster download speed and are more efficient at handling multiple queries by many users.


Website security is crucial for protecting your information assets from malicious users and hackers. Security is vital for all web applications especially if there is a considerable exchange of confidential data on your website.

With these quality metrics, you can get started with your product improvement strategy. You can check out the free app grader tool here :

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Localization Testing

Good communication is the key to any relationship including the relationship with your customers and stakeholders. As apps go global, it is vital to ensure that app quality is maintained across multiple platforms, browsers and locations. Meeting the user expectations for layout and workflows in multiple languages for a wide demographics is a complex and challenging task.

Localization Testing

Localization Testing





Challenges In Localization

An app’s success depends on its appeals to its target audience. Your app should appeal to your clients, linguistically and culturally. Incorrect grammar, inappropriate formatting, confusing phrases, and other translation issues can mar your app’s charm.

To ensure, your app’s success it is important to ensure that your app is easy to understand and culturally appropriate for the people who use it. Gaining app insights from geographies across the globe is a complex task.


Risks Involved In Localization

  • Inappropriate phrases or language can mar your business reputation.
  • Scope for many errors in translation that impacts your brand value.
  • Minor formatting issues can become a major roadblock for users and can discourage conversions.
  • Labs can never recreate the conditions that your app will face in the real world.


Crowdsourced Localization Testing

With crowd testing, you can ensure that your app is convenient and easy to use for your target audience no matter where they are. Crowd testing is a hassle-free and cost-effective way to test your app on various target demographics across the world.

 Highlights Of Crowd Testing

  • Global access to professional testers.
  • Testing conditions that mirror real-world scenarios.
  • Output based pricing.
  • Gain actionable insights to make your app more user-friendly.
  • Get useful feedback to increase conversions and revenue.
  • Access crowd testers who match your target users.


Advantages Of Crowdsourced Testing

 1) Access Global Community Of Testers

 Gain access to professional testers all over the world.  With a team of professional testers who match your target demographics, you can gain a real life, end user perspective. Gain valuable insights to improve user engagement and conversions.

2) Meet User Expectation Better

A focus on the human approach is crucial to the success of any localization testing. Crowdsourced testing helps developers gain real insights on how their target demographics would react to the app. With the support of crowdsourced experts in localization testing, you can build thorough & effective workflows to gain a better understanding of user expectation, behavior and pattern. Gain inputs to maximize the performance of your app.

  3) Reduce Time To Market

 Relying on global localization experts to plan and execute your testing is both effective & time-saving. With full support for defining and executing workflows for testing various app features, you can implement localization testing with ease. You can gain crucial insights on user behavior in time and ensure that your app is perfect for the release.

 4) Ensure Global Success

 Crowdsourced testing platforms enable you to get detailed localization reports. You can use the insights to adapt your software to the targeted local market. Ensure your App’s success linguistically and culturally. Ensure your app’s success in multiple languages, across different locations.


How 99tests Crowd Testing Platform Works

With 99tests, you can get the insights you need to create a winning experience for your clients no matter where they are. Leverage on localization experts to build and execute effective test plans. Access crowd testers who match your target audience to make your app more convenient and delightful.

 Learn How 99tests Works

  • Our testing experts will help strategize & execute test cycles from scratch.
  • We will help you define & execute workflows for various app features.
  • Based on your requirement, we will provide you with testers from different demographics factoring in parameters like age, city etc.
  • The focus on human approach will help you in gaining valuable insights on how your target demographics will react to the app.


What You Get With 99tests

  • Access professional testers who match the target demographics.
  • Support from localization experts to plan and execute test cycles.
  • Get full device coverage, across various configurations as per your needs.
  • Uncover localization issues and ensure the accuracy of your content.

Find out how 99tests gives the insights you need for building stunning software products. Mail us at

Security Testing For Apps

Trust is the most valuable commodity in today’s business. Ensuring fool-proof security of customer information is crucial to keep up the good faith, customers have in your brand. As apps evolve, the risk of vulnerabilities increase.

A powerful and well-executed security testing plan can help you uncover all the security and privacy issues in your App. With effective security testing, you can eliminate the risk of data leakage and build a lasting user brand loyalty.

Security Testing

Security Testing

The Traditional Way Of Security Testing

To protect your app from malicious users and hackers, a through security testing is a must. Security testing covers aspects like confidentiality, integrity, authentication, availability, authorization and non-repudiation.

Irrespective of the source of a security breach, it is critical to uncover security bugs in time before they turn into real problems. Traditional method of hiring in-house security team is very expensive.


Challenges With Traditional Methods

  • Involves investment in finding the right security experts & procuring the devices.
  • No flexibility to access the security experts in all the domains you need.
  • Lab-based outsourced testing can’t ensure full device and configuration coverage.


Crowdsourced Security Testing

As businesses go global, it is critical to implement security testing in real world scenarios. An on-demand crowdsourced security testing platform gives access to the right security experts who fit your specific testing needs at various stages of product development. You can work with security experts from around the globe. It is a cost-effective testing solution that gives you the flexibility to access the right talent at different stages of product lifecycle.


Highlights Of Crowdsourced Security Testing

  • Cost-effective testing solution.
  • Access to security experts from around the globe.
  • Flexibility to access the right talent at different stages of product lifecycle.
  • Output based pricing that ensures performance.
  • Security testing in real world scenarios.
  • Expert help in assessing risk and fixing issues.


Merits Of Crowdsourced Security Testing

1) Uncover Vulnerabilities In Time

Keep your Apps in top shape by uncovering security loopholes in time. With crowdsourced penetration testing tools, you can eliminate the risk of data leakage and protect the security of your data. You can leverage on the expertise of professional security experts to integrate, effective security testing practices at all stages of your product lifecycle as per your business needs.

2) Global Access To Experts In Security Testing

Crowdsourced testing experts will help you create and execute a comprehensive security testing plan. You can use crowdsourced testing platform for all your security testing needs including web application testing, mobile security testing and cloud security testing.

3) Flexible Plans

Enjoy the flexibility to access the right talent with crowdsourced platforms. With crowd testing, you can get professional testers from any domain you need.

4) Gain Insights For Remedial Action

Professional testers will help you interpret the test results and give you actionable insights that you need to put a remedial plan in action. You can boost your app’s security with valuable insights to make your app more secure. You can protect your brand’s reputation and build user confidence with a secure and reliable app.


The 99tests Security Testing Platform

With security testing from 99tests, you can make your app more secure and ensure the safety of your data.By leveraging on the expertise of talented security testers from around the globe, you can uncover and fix issues in time.


How 99tests Platform Works

  • The process begins with a personalized requirement discussion with our security experts.
  • Our project managers will plan and execute your tests.
  • Crowd testers are allotted to the project based on your needs.
  • Expert testers will uncover all the vulnerabilities in your app.
  • Access insightful reports and recommendations for fixing the issues.


What You Get With 99tests

  • You will get a secure platform for penetration testing.
  • Flexibility to choose the type of security testing that you need.
  • Access certified security experts from around the world.
  • Leverage on experts for risk assessment.
  • Insightful reports and actionable recommendations for remedial action

See how 99tests gives you the insights you need for building stunning software products. Mail us at